Application Academy

Applied Science with BioSolveIT Products

This page is dedicated to drug hunters and compound enthusiasts. We have collected drug discovery knowledge and transformed it into use cases with our applications that can be used as blue prints for individual projects. Insights to basics of molecular modelling and everything around the exploration of the Chemical Space can help beginners gain a foothold in this exiting research area.
Here you will find stories on fragment growing, scaffold hopping, Chemical Space exploration and much more. Futhermore, these user guides are examples of what can be achieved with our powerhouse drug discovery platforms SeeSAR and infiniSee.

Molecular Modelling

Molecular modelling is about understanding the behavior of a molecules including the design and prediction of active compounds for a target.
Our everyday drug discovery dashboard SeeSAR features all tools vital for handling compounds and target structures.

Chemical Space

Drug Discovery Tutorials

Step-by-Step Small-Molecule Design

In this section you can find several hands-on examples of molecular modelling taks and Chemical Space exploration for accessible compounds. The case studies illustrate how to perform drug discovery with our platforms and can be used as a blueprint for individual projects.
Application Stories

Published Application Stories

No time to read publications? Usually an abstract is very helpful to decide if the publication is of interest to you. But the true gems are hidden in the manuscript and need a little bit more of investment to be found. In our 'Drug Report Recap' we extract successful application of our software from publications to provide users with insights which they can use for their projects.
Further interesting success stories can be found here:
BioSolveIT Technologies
All our applications are based on solid and transparent science cited in thousands publications worldwide. The technologies have been developed in collaboration with renowned drug discovery leaders — including BAYER, Roche, Merck, BASF, and many others.
This section features information material on the implemented technologies.