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Sep 17, 2020

successful agile antiviral drug discovery in a start-up environment

guest speaker:
Dr. Adrian Schomburg, CEO Eisbach Bio GmbH, Munich, Germany

An agile, lean and partially in-silico drug discovery pipeline is key to the success of start-up companies that pursue their small molecule drug discovery goals on a limited budget.
We all have billion dollar figures in mind for an approved drug, but the early stage drug discovery, up to an investigational new drug application, consumes only a small fraction of this cost.

In this webinar, Dr. Adrian Schomburg from Eisbach Bio explains how an agile drug discovery platform is a key success factor, especially in a pandemic situation: Tools that Eisbach has lined up for cancer discovery projects were quickly adapted to screen for novel inhibitors of a key SARS-CoV-2 enzyme, from idea to antiviral activity in only two months. These include MD-based and AI-augmented compound docking, visual inspection and refinement, biochemical, ADMET and cell based anti-viral screening as well as PK.

We cordially invite you to join Adrian with us in this exciting webinar.

Jul 07, 2020

unlocking chemical matter on scale

guest speaker:
Dr. Serghei Glinca, CEO Crystals First GmbH, Marburg, Germany

Jun 18, 2020

web-based services for structure-based life science research

guest speaker:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Rarey, Center for Bioinformatics, Hamburg, Germany

May 19, 2020

chemical space exploration — finding needles in mighty haystacks

Dr. Franca Klingler, Head of Services, BioSolveIT GmbH, Sankt Augustin, Germany

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