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Thank you for your interest in trying out our products!

Certain functionality in our software can only be accessed with a license key. We recommend you test the software for yourself with an evaluation license and then, if you would like acquire a full license for the software, ask us for a quote. The whole process is quite easy and can be started right here:


This license is free of charge and offers you the quickest way to gain full access to your BioSolveIT product for a period of testing. The license is made available immediately and will give you full functionality of the software including all add-on modules for a period of six weeks – with no paperwork to fill out till after two weeks. Simply click to start the step-by-step application process and you will receive your evaluation license key in a matter of minutes!

request a quote

BioSolveIT issues fixed-term licenses for leasing our software. Such licenses are usually granted on a yearly basis. The fee depends on the software, add-on modules and on the number of concurrent software sessions you would like to run. Licenses for multi-site access can be granted subject to a surcharge. We will be happy to offer you a quote according to your needs - just click to fill in the form for requesting a quote.

individual assistance

If you have request that does not fit into either of the two categories above and would like some individual assistance, click to contact us via the support page – we will be happy to help!