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First announcement: „Streamlining Drug Discovery“ in Germany
December 06, 2018, 14:12


Our very successful symposia series comes to Frankfurt on 14 February 2019. Join us for this free one-day symposium highlighting new approaches and technologies being applied to the search for future therapeutics. For further details about the symposium please visit the symposium website.


December Webinar: practical experience with FTrees searching
November 28, 2018, 12:11

Andrew Anighoro from Evotec will show us some examples from his work. Save your spot here.


November 15, 2018, 17:11

Find the updated REAL Space Navigator 2.2 and KNIME interfaces 2.8 including the brand new FTrees QueryGen tool.


November News
November 12, 2018, 15:11

We invite you to the free webinar "virtual screening of external compound collections using FTrees for HTS campaigns" and announce the deadline for the next round of our Scientific Challenge. Read all the news here.


11th Grader Wins HARIBO Owner’s Prize using SeeSAR
October 05, 2018, 16:10

Miss Charlotte von dem Knesebeck, German-based pupil in Bonn by the river Rhine was awarded the 1st Price in Chemistry by the Dr. Hans Riegel-Foundation for her work on the analysis of morphine binding modes in opioid receptors. Read the press release here.


New REAL Space Navigator 2.0 Breaks Billion Compound Barrier
June 04, 2018, 12:06

With optimised algorithms and more chemistry knowledge included, the updated REAL Space Navigator gives ’search and find‘ access to an incredible 3.8 billion compounds ready for purchase. More information can be found in the press release.