DrugSpace Symposium Spring 2022

Social Mixer and Workshop on the 2nd Day of the Symposium

It's a small world!

The second virtual BioSolveIT DrugSpace Symposium revolves around the little gems of drug discovery: small molecules and fragments!
Experts from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and academic institutions disclose current developments and unprecedented innovations to tackle future challenges in drug discovery. The symposium features interdisciplinary cross-talks between computational approaches, medicinal chemistry cases, crystallography, synthesis, small compound evolution, and the handling of molecular collections speedily.

Medicinal chemists, decision makers, representatives of any pharmaceutical- and medicine-related business, undergraduate and Ph.D. students, researchers, and everybody interested in future technologies and state-of-the-art drug development — you are cordially invited to participate in this virtual event. We will frame the Symposium with a virtual mixer in Gathertown so that also smaller circles can discuss, meet, and have a drink aside the presentations.

The DrugSpace Symposium takes place at 24-25th May 2022, and the registration is free-of-charge.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Xavier Barril (University of Barcelona)
    “A Bottom-Up Approach to Screening Massive Virtual Collections"
  • Adam Bond (University of Dundee)
    "Amide-to-Ester Substitution as a Strategy for Optimising PROTAC Permeability and Cellular Activity"
  • Esther Kellenberger (University of Strasbourg)
    "Analysis of Fragment Libraries"
  • Jeremy Edmunds (AbbVie)
    "Application of FastGrow to the Design and Synthesis of Drug Like Compounds"
  • Marcus Gastreich (BioSolveIT)
    "Zetta-Sized Chemical Space Navigation"
  • Sven Brüschweiler (MAG-LAB)
    "A Step toward NRF2‐DNA Interaction Inhibitors by Fragment‐Based NMR Methods"
  • Laurent Maveyraud (University of Toulouse)
    "Crystallographic Screening in FBDD: Application to the Phosphopantetheinyl Transferase of Mycobacterium Abscessus"
  • Paul Beroza (Genentech)
    "Chemical Space Docking: Large-Scale Structure-Based Virtual Screening for ROCK1 Inhibitors"
  • Peter Ertl (Novartis)
    "Magic Rings: Navigation in the Ring Chemical Space Guided by the Bioactive Rings"
  • Anna Hirsch (Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS))
    "Exploiting Fragment-Based Design in Anti-Infective Drug Discovery"


Download the line-up here:

First-Time BioSolveIT Disclosures

To celebrate the fragment-focussed DrugSpace Symposium 2022, we will announce powerful additions to our two major platforms SeeSAR and infiniSee that will augment every fragment-based drug discovery project.
Stay excited!

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