BioSolveIT Workshop: Bulgarian Peptide Society 2023

Interactive, Visual Ligand Design with SeeSAR —
A Free, Hands-On Workshop by BioSolveIT, Accompanying the 10th Conference of the Bulgarian Peptide Society

BioSolveIT cordially invites you to a free workshop for beginners. Learn about interactive, visually informed ligand design. Assess a protein-ligand complex with respect to trustability, and generate Medicinal Chemistry SAR hypotheses. Dock and score molecules easily, and show your critical view on what is being computed.
If time permits, we will embark into the field of fragment-based ligand design (FBLD), using linking/merging, growing, and rescaffolding strategies.
The workshop takes place on September 2nd from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Registration is free-of-charge but mandatory.

All this shall be accomplished in a very playful manner using BioSolveIT's flagship design suite SeeSAR.
Bring your own laptop, and we will bring a free license!
This way, you can play along during the workshop — and continue to learn back home.

Apply to join here (slots are limited), so we can send you installation and download instructions shortly before the event.

Be quick, spaces are limited.
First come — first serve!

Download SeeSAR