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CoLibri: chemistry spaces

REAL Space

In partnership with Enamine Ltd. we built the world's largest collection of commercially available compounds, 3,654,642,480 molecules. We coded the Enamine synthesis protocols and in stock starting materials as a searchable chemistry space using our CoLibri technology.

REAL Space allows for efficient hit exploration, from finding previously unknown analogues to scaffold hopping. The chemical space is based on more than 139 Enamine synthesis protocols and in-stock building blocks. It provides an escape from availability bias of current stock screening collections towards IP free areas.

download REAL Space

Using Feature Trees Fragment Spaces, the average search time in this space is between 2 and 4 minutes on a standard PC. A user-friendly graphical interface called REAL Space Navigator makes searching childs play. Search results may be saved in SDF format and may be ordered at Enamine. They will be delivered on demand in less than 4 weeks with an exceptional success rate of 80% and above.


download KnowledgeSpace
No matter how big your in-house library and no matter how many compounds you acquire to add to it, it will only be a tiny fraction of what your chemists are capable of synthesizing.

KnowledgeSpace™ is comprised of more than one hundred literature reactions including:


For example: Benzoxazole formation

multicomponent reactions

For example: Hydantoin formation


For example: hetero-aromatic substitution

coupling reactions

For example: C-C coupling

For a detailed list of all reactions see the
reactions overview

Plus reagents from "trusted vendors" based on the eMolecules collection.

The result is a literature-based virtual chemistry space covering hundreds of billions of virtual products with high likelihood of synthetic accessibility. This space is ready for searching but can also serve as a blueprint for customization, capitalizing on your proprietary building blocks and chemistry protocols.