Enamine’s REAL Space December Update


Enamine’s REAL Space December Update

December 14, 2023 09:00 CET

Enamine’s REAL Space November update is here and comes with a stunning number of over 48 billion of accessible, drug-like products. With the aim to design one of the largest commercially available compound collections, Enamine has applied 166 reactions on their exclusive in-house building blocks to come up with attractive molecules for early stages of drug discovery.

154,119 reagents and building blocks are encoded into the set to provide users of the Chemical Space with the most relevant results according to their needs. All results retrieved with BioSolveIT’s software are commercially available and can be ordered from Enamine to be delivered within a few weeks time directly to your table.

The REAL Space update is available on our website and can be screened with the BioSolveIT applications: