Mon, 28 Oct 2019, 16:00 CET (Berlin)

Dr. Yurii S. Moroz, CEO of Chemspace, Riga, Latvia

11 billion compounds available for your research at Chemspace

Chemspace just renewed its claim to be the largest online resource for small molecules. Including the REAL Space with more than 11 billion virtual product molecules provided on demand by Enamine, Chemspace again outnumbers all other small molecule resources by orders of magnitude. The success of your project depends on choosing the right source of molecules and medicinal chemistry expertise. At Chemspace, we understand your needs and guarantee molecules delivery in the required amount with high purity and always on time. Close collaboration with our respectful suppliers including Enamine, FCH group, and UORSY, among others, allows us to achieve this goal. In this webinar you’ll learn what Chemspace offers, how we work and why Chemspace stands out as the premier provider of high-quality drug discovery solutions.

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