Tue, 17 Mar 2015, 15:00 CET (Berlin)

Dr. Christian Lemmen, BioSolveIT GmbH, St. Augustin, Germany

Unravel the powers of virtual screening in Pipeline Pilot®

Drug Discovery is a multi-faceted, multi-parameter optimization problem. A big pain in the process is that there is no one solution for everything. The result is a tremendous loss in efficiency. Pharma researchers are forced to deal with many different tools and go through a painful learning curve time and again, depending on what the task at hand may afford. Workflow tools like Pipeline Pilot® minimize the effort and help increase your productivity. They allow you to choose the best in breed tools and plug them easily together in order to master the next top priority challenge on your agenda.

In this webinar you will learn how to combine our world-leading products for structure-based, ligand-based, and fragment-based design with some of the very handy analysis tools in Pipeline Pilot®. With just one interface our complete range of cutting edge technology lies ready at your fingertips! You may be familiar with a variety of cheminformatics tools in Pipeline Pilot® — now let us show you how to open a new door to our wide range of modeling and virtual screening solutions.

Who should attend?
Computational and medicinal chemists, everybody interested in more efficient drug discovery.

Why should you attend?
Even if you already know the powers of Pipeline Pilot, you will learn how to unravel these in new areas of the discovery process.

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