EST Timezone Workshop: Kinase Ligand Design


Thu, 29 Feb 2024, 19:00 CET (Berlin)

Dr. Alexander Neumann, BioSolveIT, Germany

EST Timezone Workshop: Kinase Ligand Design

Due to widespread popularity and numerous requests for a live demonstration tailored to the American continent, we are excited to announce the re-iteration of the successful BioSolveIT workshop on kinase ligand design.

Kinases stand out as a popular focus in drug development. Their popularity is evident from the numerous FDA approvals granted to compounds targeting these specific proteins. The associated design process often integrates computational approaches such as molecular modeling and structure-based drug design, reflecting the dynamic and evolving landscape of kinase-targeted drug development.

This BioSolveIT workshop is dedicated to elucidating the basics of selective kinase inhibitor design, as well as the application of advanced techniques to optimize lead structures. Encompassing both 3D structure-based and 2D ligand-based realms, we will present and discuss several examples illustrating idea generation methods for hinge binders and the adjacent core regions. These methods will include fragment-based growing and evolution (FBDD), scaffold hopping, Chemical Space exploration involving trillions of possibilities, and various other strategies facilitated by BioSolveIT tools.

Drug discovery beginners, veterans, and medicinal chemistry enthusiasts are invited to join this highly informative workshop and the subsequent discussion.

Participants can request a certificate of attendance to confirm their completion of the event to furthering their knowledge and skills in the specified subject matter.

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