Smart and user-friendly: infiniSee 2.5 features some additional perks to support Chemical Space navigators on their search for compounds.
  • Vendor business cards deposited in infiniSee. With this you have convenient access to all the information to get in contact with our partners for compound ordering.
  • The Chemical Spaces are now listed with their respective release date. Furthermore, you will be informed by infiniSee if the Chemical Space you are searching in has a newer version available.
  • The latest update of infiniSee introduces OTAVA's on-demand CHEMriyaâ„¢ Space with over 11 billion molecules.
  • Furthermore, we included a feature to export multiple files based per search source. With this you can easily track the origin of your results.
  • Update of Enamine's on-demand REAL Space, featuring 19 billion molecules.
  • Update of Enamine's on-demand REAL Space, featuring 17.6 billion molecules.
  • Available BioSolveIT and partner Chemical Spaces are now automatically part of the infiniSee package.
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