infiniSee changelog

infiniSee 3 (codename: Andromeda) aims to support you in your drug discovery projects.
  • Search history
    Each of your Chemical Spaces seaches is now stored within infiniSee with the applied seach parameters. Now you can easily compare your discoveries of different sources right ahead in the GUI. The result summary informs you for how many compounds you searched, which pharmacophore constraints were applied, who has started this query, and even how fast infiniSee handled the search in zillions of compounds.
  • Projects
    You can now save your sessions as so called 'projects'. If you want to pick up on from a past session, you can load the project and continue your work.
  • Update of the REAL Space
    Enamine's Chemical Space has received an update which is already conveniently included in infiniSee 3.0. Browse in the world's largest on-demand Chemical Space to discover relatives to your query molecule.
Smart and user-friendly: infiniSee 2.5 features some additional perks to support Chemical Space navigators on their search for compounds.
  • Vendor business cards deposited in infiniSee. With this you have convenient access to all the information to get in contact with our partners for compound ordering.
  • The Chemical Spaces are now listed with their respective release date. Furthermore, you will be informed by infiniSee if the Chemical Space you are searching in has a newer version available.
  • The latest update of infiniSee introduces OTAVA's on-demand CHEMriyaâ„¢ Space with over 11 billion molecules.
  • Furthermore, we included a feature to export multiple files based per search source. With this you can easily track the origin of your results.
  • Update of Enamine's on-demand REAL Space, featuring 19 billion molecules.
  • Update of Enamine's on-demand REAL Space, featuring 17.6 billion molecules.
  • Available BioSolveIT and partner Chemical Spaces are now automatically part of the infiniSee package.