DrugSpace Symposium Spring 2021

Targets, Compounds, Spaces

The first virtual BioSolveIT DrugSpace Symposium covers the trinity of drug discovery: Targets, compounds, and spaces.

Experts from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and chemical suppliers disclose current developments and unprecedented innovations to tackle future challenges in drug discovery. The symposium features interdisciplinary cross-talks between computational approaches, medicinal chemistry cases, crystallography, synthesis, small-compound evolution, and the handling of zillions of compounds in reasonable time.

Medicinal chemists, decision makers, representatives of any pharmaceutical- and medicine-related business, undergraduate and Ph.D. students, researchers, and everybody interested in future technologies and state-of-the-art drug development — you are cordially invited to participate. Plenty of leeway for discussion with the audience is provided.

The DrugSpace Symposium takes place at 21-22 April 2021 (4 pm - 8 pm CEST), and the registration is free-of-charge.

Download the Line-up here: