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winter 2017 challenge launched
submit your proposal until November 23rd

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Here is one of the projects that made it into the fall 2017 challenge:

Diabetes mellitus type 2

Dual action agent: activator of glucokinase and inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase-4
Type 2 diabetes mellitus, once known as noninsulin-dependent diabetes, is a genetic disease which affects the way one’s body metabolizes glucose and causes the increase in a blood sugar lever. Year by year the number of cases is rapidly increasing, and in 2015 the number of people suffering from this disease reached 415 millions. The precise biochemical and genetic basiсs of the disease remain largely unknown, so the possible strategy to its treatment is to develop a broad spectrum of antidiabetic agents targeting different signaling pathways involved in fuel homeostasis. Glucokinase and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 are two of a range of new promising targets for treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2.
"We intend to achieve the following milestone(s):
  1. Improve the affinity by structure modifying
  2. Improve the physico-chemical properties
  3. Develop the synthetic route of modified ligand"
— Nadezhda Demina, Ural Federal University, Russian Federation

Nadezhda will be using LeadIT, FlexX, ReCore, HYDE, and PoseView.

current champion

The following project won the 'fall 2016' scientific challenge:

Drug-Design of 3-Amino Derivatives of (-)-Cytisine- Potential Inhibitors of COX-2
Sophia Borisevich
Ufa Institute of Chemistry, Ufa, Russian Federation

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BioSolveIT is inviting academic teams, non-profit organizations and individuals to participate in an exciting Scientific Challenge: if you are working on a drug discovery problem, take advantage of BioSolveIT's wide array of software tools to meet your goals. How to participate? Just send us a proposal for the project you'd like to advance using BioSolveIT software. We will review every proposal very carefully and award the most attractive ones. A new contest starts every three months.


In a first phase, the most promising proposals will receive free BioSolveIT licenses for 3 months to con­duct the desired research. For phase II, the most interesting results are granted a free license extension by 9 months and we will sponsor the presentation of the overall best achievement with a travel grant of 1000€. For more details please read the terms of challenge.


  1. To enter the winter 2017 contest, please
    submit your proposal until November 23rd 2017
  2. Based on scientific novelty, interest of target, and approach sought, we will select from all submissions the best, maximum 5 to enter the contest. Every participant will be informed of our decision by December 1st. These most promising projects will receive free fully functional licenses and support to all relevant BioSolveIT tools, valid for 3 months.
  3. After the initial 3 months the best, maximum 3 projects will receive another 9 months of free software access to BioSolveIT's entire software suite and premium support. And after 9 months, the overall best project will be rewarded with a travel grant of 1000€ to a high impact conference for a presentation of the results.


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