Wed, 28 Feb 2018, 16:00 CET (Berlin)

Dr. Yurii Moroz, Scientific Advisor, Enamine Ltd.

Exploring 647,141,139 molecules available on demand

In a joint venture, Enamine and BioSolveIT built the world’s largest chemical space and made it ultra-fast searchable. The new product, called REAL Space Navigator, comprising 650 million compounds, allows for efficient hit exploration, from finding previously unknown analogues to scaffold hopping. The chemical space encoded with more than 100 Enamine synthesis protocols and in-stock building blocks, provides an escape from availability bias of current stock screening collections towards IP free areas. Compounds selected from this space will be synthesized in 3-4 weeks with an exceptional success rate of 80% and above.

In this webinar we explain the genesis and composition of the space as well as the search technology to access this vast resource. We also demonstrate the user-friendly graphical interface. Afterwards you may simply download → install & execute to explore this huge resource for free within less than 5 minutes. Join us to learn more about this exciting endeavor. Over half a billion virtual molecules that become real on demand are a resource that is simply too valuable to miss…

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