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Your interactive companion

The discovery process of suitable drug candidates requires a reliable Swiss Army knife software toolkit with comprehensible results. Interplay between smooth operation, visualized structure-activity relationships, transparent science, interactive feedback, and calculation speed are key to successful projects. SeeSAR is every modelers SAR and ADME dashboard, created to support and lead every drug development process. With the SeeSAR platform you can estimate affinities with HYDE binding assessment and phsyicochemical properties of your compounds within seconds. Explore binding sites and perform docking studies with you ligands. With our provided indexed fragment libraries you can link molecule fragments, grow into unoccupied binding cavities, or even replace the very core of your compound with a suitable scaffold. The visual 3D guidance supports you in your decision making-process and inspires you with creative solutions and structures. Experience drug discovery like never before.

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Your molecule is out there. You just have to find it.

Looking for the needle in a sheer endless amount of haystacks? Imagine if you could find any structure in unprecedentedly large chemical spaces at lightning speed, and have it on your table within few weeks. We brought this into reality. infiniSee searches in chemical spaces of colossal sizes for interesting and available results.

Accessible results

The concept is strikingly simple: the chemical spaces include chemically accessible results. After selecting a template molecule of interest and defining the parameters to match your preferences, infiniSee starts its search and gives you distantly-related yet similar compounds within seconds. Using one of our partners' on-demand chemical spaces provides you with commercially available molecules. You can even create your own chemical space with your in-house knowledge, and discover possibilities unique to your team.
Utilize all possibilities with infiniSee to maximize your success rate.

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