How to update a license server

How to update a license server

How to update a license server

This article explains how to update a license server to a newer FlexLM version.

This is essentially accomplished by stopping the current server, and installing and starting a new one.

Please note: Before you start, ensure that no license key is checked out from the current server. Otherwise, the tool running with that license key will terminate about six minutes after losing connection to the license server!

The recommended procedure:

  1. Download the BioSolveIT flexlm package from our download page.
  2. Make sure that none of the licensed tools have checked out license keys from the current license server.
  3. Make a copy of the license file currently in use.
    • For lmadmin, you will find it in the FNPLicenseServerManager/licenses/BIOSOLVE sub-directory.
    • For lmgrd this file was specified when starting lmgrd on the command line.
  4. Search for processes containing “lmadmin” or “lmgrd” and stop the license server.
    • With the task manager on windows.
    • With the “kill” command on linux.
    • You don’t have to stop the “BIOSOLVE” process, it will be stopped, when lmadmin / lmgrd is stopped.

  5. Uninstall license server components
    • For lmadmin on windows: Uninstall “FlexNet Publisher 64-bit License Server Manager”.
    • For linux and/or lmgrd: If you have a previous installation/service running, stop and remove such a service, e.g. systemctl disable --now lmadmin.service
      Then remove all license server tools.
  6. Set up the new license server
    • Follow the advices on how to set up a license server.
    • Check, that you are now using the license server tools from the new bsit_flexlm package, especially the new vendor daemon executable BIOSOLVE / BIOSOLVE.exe!
  7. Install the license file.
    • If having received a new license file, use this, otherwise, use the backup copy from step 3 to feed the new license server.
    • Follow the advices on how to update or add a server license.

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