Enamine and BioSolveIT Enter Exclusive Collaboration


Enamine and BioSolveIT Enter Exclusive Collaboration

December 13, 2023 10:00 CET

Enamine and BioSolveIT enter an exclusive collaboration to shape the future of chemical space exploration and navigation. Several years ago, both companies teamed-up in an effort to expand the hunting grounds for small-molecule drug discovery, ultimately leading to the launch of the now well-known REAL Space.

The long-standing partnership was a groundbreaking step towards exploring new molecules in vast chemical spaces, bringing together the outstanding expertise of both parties: BioSolveIT stands as a leading force in creating massive combinatorial compound collections and developing algorithms to search for the most relevant molecules within them. Enamine is globally renowned for their synthesis of drug-like structures and their associated building blocks, possessing the infrastructure and processes to meet the high volume of customer orders within the timeframe of only a few weeks.

The Chemical Space navigation platform infiniSee screens the billion-sized REAL Space by Enamine within a few minutes on standard hardware. Several search modes are available to retrieve those relevant compounds. Visual highlighting helps to understand the results and similarity at first glance.

To maintain the relevance of the REAL Space for industry and to uphold the high quality standards, BioSolveIT and Enamine release continuous updates every few months to include the latest exclusive building blocks and in-house reactions. As a result, the REAL Space features the most relevant compounds characterized by drug-like properties and remarkable success rates in synthesis.

Enamine and BioSolveIT Take Aim: The Next Level of Chemical Space Exploration

By establishing this strategic partnership Enamine and BioSolveIT aim to lift the successful concept of on-demand Chemical Spaces to new heights. While the REAL Space has already established itself as the best source of affordable and accessible chemical entities for the industry, the journey is just beginning. The new collaboration agreement will lead to further expansion with new reactions and building blocks, and will cover unexplored and scarcely investigated areas of the Chemical Space that contain unprecedented and exclusive IP. The further development of the Chemical Space navigation platform infiniSee will enable researchers worldwide to have convenient access to this vast compound collection and efficiently search it using standard hardware without technical hassles. The additional introduction of more features will allow researchers with different backgrounds to quickly and easily process and understand the results, facilitating the identification of the best candidates for follow-up.

Further details on the strategic partnership can be found in the press release following this link.