Enamine’s REAL Space Reaches 36 Billion Compounds!


Enamine’s REAL Space Reaches 36 Billion Compounds!

March 10, 2023 14:28 CET

Alongside the release of infiniSee 5 ‘Artemis’, we are proud to share the update of the popular REAL Space. Again, in collaboration with Enamine, several billion novel entries made it to the most recent version resulting in over 36 billion molecules. The virtual collection of 36,043,260,372 molecules is based on 164 Enamine reactions, 109,002 on-stock reagents, and 243,991selected building blocks.

The greatest feature of the REAL Space is the nature of its content: The majority of the comprised molecules display drug-like properties and are compliant to the rule-of-five. Therefore, this ultra-large molecule collection represent an excellent source for relevant and, most importantly, accessible chemistry.

Desired compounds can be ordered and will be delivered within weeks to accelerate your projects.

The combinatorial REAL Space can exclusively be screened with BioSolveIT’s Chemical Space navigation platform infiniSee.