Join us for the first BioSolveIT Drugathon Event!


Join us for the first BioSolveIT Drugathon Event!

June 21, 2022 15:10 CEST

BioSolveIT is happy to announce the first virtual Drugathon event for drug discovery enthusiasts around the globe!

What is a Drugathon?

Like a hackathon, the Drugathon is a collaborative event for the scientific community across the globe with the objective to discover novel small molecules for a target of interest.

How does the event look like?

The Drugathon is a 24 hours event to allow worldwide participation. Users work as a group and share their results to advance the design. Three introductions to the software, one every 8 hours, will be given by the BioSolveIT team. Our partners and distributors will provide introductions in other languages.

What is the target?

The Drugathon focusses on neglected or scarcely investigated diseases. This time it aims to discover novel drug candidates to combat the antibacterial resistance crisis.

How to participate?

Participation is free-of-charge but registration is required. Participants will receive a limited license to BioSolveIT applications (SeeSAR, infiniSee) to work together on a given PDB structure.

Want to join the collaborative event?

Visit us at for full explanation and registration details.