Hope has arrived: infiniSee 4 — Pandora released!


Hope has arrived: infiniSee 4 — Pandora released!

May 6, 2022 09:51

We are proud to announce version 4 of our Chemical Space navigation platform infiniSee: ‘Pandora’!

Named in allegory to finding hope in dark chemical matter, Pandora was developed to discover actives amongst zillions of molecules. With over 40 billion compounds, infiniSee Pandora offers the largest compound collection so far that can conveniently be screened within minutes on every standard hardware. Furthermore, infiniSee now provides users with the tools necessary to assess the physicochemical and ADME properties of compounds within the Analyzer Mode.


Another key addition we are proud of the introduction of a forth commercial Chemical Space for users to search in: The Freedom Space by Chemspace.

Every new space brings novel entries due to in-house knowledge on synthesis and unique building blocks. The Freedom Space features compounds based on robust chemical reactions that can be ordered as already synthesized final product or as building blocks for convenient and independent synthesis in your own labs.


This major update is accompanied by updates of the two well-known Chemical Spaces REAL Space by Enamine (now featuring over 29 billion compounds) and GalaXi by Wuxi LabNetwork (reaching the size of 8 billion compounds). Load your favorite molecule into infiniSee and check if any novel scaffolds will pop up during the search to give you novel ideas how to progress with your project.

Read more about infiniSee Pandora here.