ChemicalS Space Club BioSolveIT © Ben Merget

The Chemical Space Club launched!

December 8, 2020 13:01

The Chemical Space Club was created by BioSolveIT, together with staff members of Enamine, Merck, BASF, academia (Rarey Lab, the Reymond group), and many others, have created a group to share information, publications, announcements, events, and discussion revolving around Chemical Spaces. The aim of the community is to connect people from different backgrounds working in the field of Chemical Spaces. We encourage people to share information, ideas, concepts, and visions to advance the science behind the set-up of spaces and the navigation through zillions of compounds. The announcement of The Chemical Space Club was well received by the audience during the NIH workshop on Ultra-Large Chemical Spaces. Many great talks from Big Pharma (Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen R&D, Eli Lilly,GSK) and on-demand compound vendors (Enamine, WuXi) emphasized the interest in vast but synthetically accessible Chemical Spaces. In case you missed one or two of the great presentations you can find the abstracts and slides for some of them online here.

We also thank Ben Merget for the photograph above that shows a part of a supernova left-over in the Cygnus (swan) constellation.

Become a member today! It’s completely free of charge and every can contribute to the amazing and growing community.

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