SeeSAR 10 release

April 7, 2020 14:14

Our motto for SeeSAR is “fast, visual, easy”, and this is exactly why people love working with our 3D modeling platform. With version 10, we are proud to present you a major update! The most visible and striking difference is certainly the brand new design. SeeSAR has matured over the years and many additional functionalities have been added to address your day-to-day 3D modeling needs. So to keep it intuitive, we have redesigned all modes, menus, and buttons to preserve its easy-to-use character. Besides the redesign, we also present new features, like a protein editing mode and many more (details here). Update your current version or start a free trial now. If you already have a valid license: it will work with this update as well.
As you can imagine, a major change like this (editing of the protein) required an update of SeeSAR’s internal storage. So, unfortunately, old project files cannot be loaded with this new version. We recommend you save your molecules from old projects to file and re-read them with this SeeSAR 10.

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