Launch of infiniSee — unlimited accessibles

March 14, 2019 14:10

Our new platform infiniSee makes chemical space navigation in billions of tangible molecules possible — in the user-friendly way you know from us: infiniSee unites ultra-fast searching in huge chemical spaces, visualizes local pharmacophore-like matches, and is strikingly easy to use. Drag & drop your query, press ‘Go!’.

Within a few minutes, infiniSee mines interesting molecules from chemical spaces, e.g. from Enamine REAL Space (updated now with more than 5 billion molecules), your inhouse space (such as Merck’s MASSIV with 1020), or our publicly available KnowledgeSpace (1015). In the case of Enamine REAL Space, usually more than 85% of the hits will be synthetically accessible and delivered to your lab.
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