BioSolveIT GmbH, the custom scientific software development company for virtual screening and lead discovery offers tools, services, and research collaborations. With a stellar scientific advisory board and founders from academia who intensely collaborate with pharma, BioSolveIT catalyzes products off of university research successes with proven pharmaceutical industry application. BioSolveIT provides world-renowned software products within the areas of ligand and structure-based drug design and is the pioneer of computational fragment-based ligand design. BioSolveIT innovate break-throughs in drug discovery by supplying smooth, user-centered designed tools bringing different researchers together for efficient multidisciplinary drug design.

milestones of the company history

2014     – 
visual lead optimization on your desktop becomes reality with SeeSAR
2013     – 
official launch of the BioSolveIT Services division
2012     – 
HYDE performs to 96% accuracy in ACS docking contest
2010     – 
release of LeadIT an integrated platform for visual LO
2009     – 
partnerships with Accelrys and KNIME® formed
2008     – 
FBLD leadership taken with: ReCore
2007     – 
distribution partners in Japan, India and China
2006     – 
partnership with CCG, release of MOE®-compatible FlexX
2005     – 
establishment of an independent sales force
2004     – 
development of the ww-unique chemical space search
2002     – 
release of a revolutionary approach to pharmacophore-based docking: FlexX-Pharm
2001     – 
company foundation


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