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Hands-on Visual 3D Ligand Design for Any Chemist
© Mark Boss on Unsplash


BioSolveIT cordially invites you to an introductory cost-free workshop as part of the conference "New Frontiers in Structure-Based Drug Discovery" in Florence. The workshop is free of charge and will take place

Wednesday, September 25th 2019
2:40 — 4:40 pm

at the conference venue.

The workshop is custom-tailored for anyone involved in early stage drug discovery: medicinal chemists, biologists, modelers, crystallographers, etc.

With the platform SeeSAR and its intuitive interface and visual feedback for ligand-protein interactions you will learn the basics of structure- and ligand-based modeling: docking and scoring, conformational anal­y­sis, interactive design etc.

If time allows, we may use infiniSee for rapid navigation of huge chemical spaces to find novel molecules and do scaffold hopping.

Free test licenses to practice at home shall be accessible to every participant after the conference.


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