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FlexX Docking Workshop 2005
Professional Usage of FlexX in Docking and Virtual High-Throughput Screening
Date: November 10-11, 2005
Place: CAESAR – center of advanced european studies and research
Bonn, Germany

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The 3rd FlexX Docking Workshop 2005 was held in Germany again after Princeton in 2004 and Hamburg in 2003. The Center of Advanced European Studies and Research in the beautiful city of Bonn, was the location for this year's workshop. 26 participants registered to learn more about FlexX's details, parameters, settings, and loads of tips and tricks. Special emphasis this time was put on novel features of Release 2.

The workshop was kicked-off with a reception dinner at the TAO, a stylish pan-asian restaurant close to the venue. The next two days, the participants from 7 different nations learned everything essential to use FlexX at its best, from the very beginner's level such as file organisation or basic output to expert's level like adjusting scoring functions. One participant's comment: "A very intense and useful training on FlexX and all its parameters".

Special hands on training was given with exercises to every topic, which the participants practized on 26 brand-new AMD OpteronTM workstations, sponsored by SUN Microsystems. These machines ran the recently ported prototype of the 64 bit version of FlexX, which is approximately 30-40% faster than the 32 bit Linux version. We will publish a benchmark test yet to come on our website.

The next workshop will be held on US territory again in close proximity to the fall ACS meeting in San Francisco, September 10-14 2006. Interested people can pre-register (link), and will be updated with news about the 2006 workshop. We urge you to make use of this offer and as one other participant this year put it: "I believed I was an expert. Now, I am not, but I know now how to become a FlexX master".

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