workshop 2003

FlexX Docking Workshop 2003
FlexX: Professional Usage for Virtual Screening and
Structure-based Drug Design
Date:   October 9-10, 2003
Place:   Centre for BioInformatics Hamburg (ZBH)
University of Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
  Organized by
  BioSolveIT GmbH
St. Augustin, Germany
in cooperation with Matthias Rarey at ZBH


The Centre for Bioinformatics at the University of Hamburg, headed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Rarey, formed the backdrop to the first external BioSolveIT workshop.

The two day workshop was kicked off with a relaxing evening event on 8 October held at the Alster & Germania Rowing Club in Hamburg, one of the world's oldest rowing clubs with a fine sporting history. Excellent surroundings and good food from the restaurant within the club provided the start to two very constructive and enjoyable days for the participants, an international mix from 6 different nations.

The workshop was aimed at providing the 25 participants with a closer insight into docking methodologies using our FlexX Docking Program, from an actual user perspective. Over the two day period the workshop covered the theoretical usage of FlexX and this knowledge was then put to the test in actual working examples. The emphasis on exercises was helpful in understanding the potential of FlexX.

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