Mon, 04 Jun 2018, 09:00 CEST (Berlin)

Dr. Yurii Moroz, Scientific Advisor, Enamine Ltd.

Big – bigger – REAL Space: 3,794,923,591 molecules available on demand

As you know Enamine and BioSolveIT joined forces to build the world’s largest space of available compounds. In January 2018 we published the first version and packaged it with an ultra-fast search engine as well as with the most convenient UI called REAL Space Navigator. We also stated that the 650 million compounds therein would be just the beginning. So now – just a few months later – we are proud to announce version 2:

  • almost an order of magnitude bigger – almost 3.8 bn molecules
  • with streamlined code in the back, so version 2.0 is…
  • just as memory and time-efficient as the much smaller predecessor

REAL Space allows for efficient hit exploration, from finding previously unknown analogues to scaffold hopping. The chemical space encoded with more than 139 Enamine synthesis protocols and upgraded in-stock building blocks, provides an escape from availability bias of current stock screening collections towards IP free areas. Compounds selected from this space will be synthesized in 3-4 weeks with an exceptional success rate of 80% and above.

In this webinar we explain the genesis and composition of the space as well as the search magic to access this vast resource. We also demonstrate the user-friendly graphical interface. Join us to learn more about this exciting joint venture. Almost 3.8 billion virtual molecules that become real on demand are a resource that is simply too valuable to miss…

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