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SMARTS tools


... is an extremely important concept for defining patterns in molecules. Unfortunately the SMARTS-language[1] is quite complex and the description of a pattern easily becomes quite complex. Here we introduce two tools developed by Karen Schomburg and Lars Wetzer at the Center for Bioinformatics at the University of Hamburg that make life easier when working with SMARTS. Temporary licenses are granted for free.

As examples see below a number of patterns illustrating the SMARTSviewer visualization concept along with its dynamic legend, which describes each distinct atom and bond in natural language.

SMARTS pattern describing the reactive group of sulfuryl halogenides SMARTS describing a pattern with an azo group SMARTS pattern matching a non-aromatic nitrogen bound to an aromatic carbon SMARTS pattern describing a reactive sulfur group SMARTS pattern describing an aromatic ring containing a nitrogen SMARTS pattern describing sulfur- or phosphornitride oxide SMARTS pattern describing one form of a sulfonamide


  • draw molecule patterns
  • develop SMARTS interactively
  • recursions and pre-defined patterns

SMARTSeditor is an interactive GUI application that lets you draw substructure patterns. Jump-starting from a molecule you may develop a SMARTS in a quite intuitive fashion by editing the topology and properties. Using pre-defined patterns for common functional groups lets you quickly reach your goal. SMARTSeditor supports recursions, allowing you to go to any level of complexity without getting lost.

take a look at the SMARTSeditor tutorial movie


SMARTSeditor may be used free of charge for academic research or evaluation purposes.
It is available for Windows 64bit, Linux and MacOS. Please note that with the download you accept our terms and conditions*.

Download SMARTSeditor for your operating system:
Linux 32bit Linux 64bit Windows 64bit Mac OS X

Since SMARTSeditor will not run without a valid license, go ahead with one the following options:

* Terms and conditions:
SMARTSeditor is a prototype developed by our academic partner at the Center for Bioinformatics (ZBH) of the University of Hamburg.
No support is granted any warranty or liability is hereby expressly excluded. You use SMARTSeditor at your own risk!
Any publication in reference to SMARTSeditor must cite the original publication[2].
[1]C. A. James and D. Weininger
Daylight Theory Manual
Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc: 27401 Los Altos, 2006
[2]K. Schomburg, L. Wetzer, M. Rarey
Interactive Design of generic chemical patterns
Drug Discov Today (2013)
[3]This is a download mirror. The respective packages may also be obtained here.


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