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scientific advisor

Christopher A. Lipinski, Ph.D.

Chris Lipinski received his Ph.D. in 1968 in physical organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. Thereafter he worked at Pfizer for over two decades and contributed to the discovery of numerous drug candidates. He retired as Senior Research Fellow in the Exploratory Medicinal Sciences Department at the Pfizer Global Research and Development Groton Laboratories in June 2002.

Among his many interests is the design of bioisosters and in drug physical chemical properties and quantitative structure activity relationships. In 1990 he established a highly automated laboratory combining computations and experimental physical property measurements. He champions a very pragmatic, chemistry end user oriented, approach to the problem of oral activity improvement. In 1997 he published a set of rules for the properties of well absorbed drugs. The publication of these rules that became known as the Lipinski Rule of 5 is one of the most highly cited papers in the field of medicinal chemistry.

He is a 2006 recipient of an honorary law degree from the University of Dundee, the Society of Biomolecular Science's winner of the 2006 SBS Achievement Award for Innovation in HTS, the American Chemical Society's 2005 winner of the E. B. Hershberg Award for Important Discoveries in Medicinally Active Substances and the 2004 winner of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry Award of the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry. Since 1984, he has been an adjunct faculty member at Connecticut College in New London CT, and has over 210 publications and invited presentations and 17 issued US patents.

Please find here an interview with Chris touching on some important questions about the current state of the pharma industry. Further information can be found on his personal home page: