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news article

Aug 15, 2019
14:00 CEST

a firework of releases: SeeSAR 9.2, CoLibri 4.3, FTrees 5.2, infiniSee 1.2, FlexX 4.1

The last sprint before summer was really productive, so we can delight you with several updates. Here just a few highlights: SeeSAR can now export a pose-protein-complex together as an input for your MD simulation; CoLibri is able to process protection groups; infiniSee and FTrees have more functionalities to understand the similarities; FlexX allows you a rapid flexible docking as it is fully parallelised. Download the new versions and try! All our tools include a free 3 days trial license. After that period, you will be blocked from a new download for 7 days. But, of course, you can still request an evaluation license during that time.


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