BioSolveIT at the ACS meeting Fall 2008

BioSolveIT at the ACS Fall 2008

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BioSolveIT will be present at this year's ACS Fall Meeting in Philadelphia. At booth 737, we will show you the latest developments in cutting edge drug discovery software:

FlexX Release 3.1: Docking
  • GUI
  • Exact metal coordination geometry in docking
  • sophisticated water treatment in active sites
  • FlexX in MOE®
  • FlexX in Pipeline Pilot®
ReCore: De Novo Design
  • fragment linking
  • core replacement in lead compounds
FTreesXL: Virtual Screening
  • GUI
  • visualization of fuzzy alignments


A sophististicated de novo design suite of software for intelligent fragment-based drug discovery
and much more!

Aside from the booth, there will be several presentations from our developers as well as our customers and partners:

COMP 82 18.08.
9:00 AM
On modeling, selecting and using "drug-like" chemical matter: Toward optimized fragment collections
J. Degen
Sofitel -
Orleans, Oral
COMP 84 18.08.
10:00 AM
ReCore: Instant 3-D scaffold hopping using replacement fragments
Sofitel -
Orleans, Oral
COMP 138 19.08.
8:00 AM
From molecules to fragment spaces to focused libraries
J. Paern
Sofitel -
Orleans, Oral
CINF 39 19.08.
10:15 AM
Searching fragment spaces with Feature Trees
U. Lessel
Sofitel -
Versailles, Oral
COMP 301 20.08.
8:25 AM
Discovery of novel human histamine H4 receptor ligands by large-scale structure-based virtual screening
R. Kiss
Sofitel -
Orleans, Oral
MEDI 474 21.08.
2:50 PM
DeNovo design as a tool for medicinal chemists: Minimal requirements for a renewed consideration
A. Zaliani
Ballr. A, Oral


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