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SeeSAR: ReCore index

The ReCore rescaffolding functionality in SeeSAR requires a 3D fragment library to search in — we call this an "index". BioSolveIT offers the required index file without charge. Please follow these steps to utilize it:


download the package [1]

SeeSARReCore index[2] based on ZINC (1 GB)

Optionally move the downloaded package to a suitable folder on your local disk with plenty of space.
Note that storing the index on a network drive is not recommended as it slows down ReCore considerably.


configure SeeSAR

Go back to the SeeSAR application and into the Settings dialog for ReCore.
Click [Add ReCore Index...] and select the downloaded package in the file-browser pop-up.
Upon [Apply] the index will be unpacked in place and is instantly available:
(mouseover the screen shot below for illustration)

[1]registration may be required for the download
[2]please note that index packages are tool specific: this index can only be used within SeeSAR