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SMARTS tools: terms & conditions, references

terms & conditions

  • SMARTSeditor is a prototype developed by our academic partner at the Center for Bioinformatics (ZBH) of the University of Hamburg.
  • SMARTSeditor may be used free of charge for academic research or evaluation purposes.
  • No support is granted any warranty or liability is hereby expressly excluded. You use SMARTSeditor at your own risk!
  • Any publication in reference to SMARTSeditor must cite the original publication[2].
  • Please provide us your feedback. Also, if you are interested in a longer-term use or running SMARTSeditor on other operating systems, please let us know.


[1]C. A. James and D. Weininger
Daylight Theory Manual
Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc: 27401 Los Altos, 2006
[2]K. Schomburg, L. Wetzer, M. Rarey
Interactive Design of generic chemical patterns
Drug Discov Today (2013)
[3]This is a download mirror. The respective packages may also be obtained here.