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what it does

ChemBioNavigator connects your molecules to the www. It supports three major workflows:

  • joining proprietary data with what is known in the public domain
  • investigating target pharmacology
  • finding small molecules based on similarity, substructure and target-relations

how to use it

ChemBioNavigator is a available as a web service without charge. Access is granted by clicking the picture below:

Momentarily please go directly to the Open PHACTS Explorer.

Interested in running your own ChemBioNavigator behind your firewall? Please contact us!

how it works

tutorial webinar:
surfing at the interface of chemistry and biology with ChemBioNavigator

a bit of history

ChemBioNavigator has been developed by the University of Hamburg and BioSolveIT as part of the IMI OpenPHACTS project. The development started in 2012 and lead to a huge integrated data resource built on the basis of semantic web technology. ChemBioNavigator is a web-application that runs on top of this platform. For details see the original publication:

The Internet as Scientific Knowledge Base: Navigating the Chem-Bio Space
Stierand K., Harder T., Marek T., Hilbig M., Lemmen C., Rarey M.
Molecular Informatics, 2012, 31, 543-546